Aerospace Products S.E., Inc (APSE) is a proven partner and supply chain integrator offering customers significant, realized cost savings over the life of the relationship. APSE delivers world-class products and services to meet customer needs, whether it is Aircraft on Ground (AOG) support, engineering support for fastener cross referencing, or state of the art information technology solutions. Our fully integrated web-based system allows our customers the option to view stock, order, and track all orders online.  

Customer Solutions
APSE's experience proves that although similarities exist between our customers, each program is unique. Thus, APSE offers solutions which are customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers. Current solution elements include:

  • Forward Stocking Locations (FSL) - APSE currently operates two FSL's located strategically to support our site operations in San Antonio and Wichita. The availability of safety stock and operations either located directly on-site or nearby allow instant around the clock access to critical material and customer service.

  • Point-of-Use (POU) - Bin management services located directly at our customer's operation, 99%-100% sustained fill rate for 20,000 plus bins. The daily monitoring of bin use determines optimum material quantity, material placement and usage.

  • 24 Hour On-Call Support - Program management point-of-contact provided for each area, aircraft, program and or shift as required.

  • Inventory Visibility - Our customers can access stock levels through either APSE's secure web site or a direct portal or link directly to the APSE Inventory Management System.

  • Design Effort Support - During the course of new manufacture, repair, and overhaul, engineering assistance is available from our seasoned staff. Determinations of off-the-shelf materials versus long lead, material availability status, cross reference data, etc., are utilized to create lean bills of materials or work orders.

  • Spot Buy Activity - APSE excels in providing status on un-forecasted, urgent need items. In 24-hours or less, APSE will email status to the requester, or buying authority, with a Sales Order Number for traceability, Part Number, Program, Aircraft Tail Number, and most importantly an EDD (Estimated Delivery Date). This information populates an overall Open Order Status Report available on the APSE's website 24/7.