Veracity Technology Solutions Improves Aircraft Aft Wing Inspection Process

Veracity Technology Solutions (Veracity), an AGC Aerospace & Defense company, has delivered a new non-destructive inspection capability to the U.S. Air Force which reduces aircraft downtime and costs by speeding aft wing inspections.

The company delivered two customized inspection units to Tinker AFB in September that are specifically designed to locate cracks in the KC-135 aircraft. An added benefit is that the new inspection replaces hazardous x-ray technology and will provide a much safer work environment.

“We are pleased that we had the opportunity to work with the government to improve this inspection process. Technicians have qualified and validated the Veracity solution and based on the results, this technology will not only save a significant amount of money, but the aircraft will be back in service faster – and with the high operational tempo of our military, that’s critical,” said Gary Hensley, President of Veracity.

The routine aft wing inspections that aircraft are required to undergo are often time consuming and expensive – requiring six workers up to eight hours to conduct the initial evaluation. Using the Veracity solution, two technicians can evaluate the aircraft’s condition in about an hour. Aircraft will be able to get to maintenance and repair sooner and the technicians can focus on other critical issues.

About Veracity Technology Solutions
Veracity is a leader in developing customized solutions to provide faster, better, and more cost effective non-destructive inspection approaches for its customers. Veracity operates within the Services Group of AGC Aerospace & Defense.

AGC Aerospace & Defense is a leader in supplying technologies, systems and services that support key commercial and military programs. Operating in multiple locations across the globe, capabilities within the AGC Aerospace & Defense portfolio range from financing, engineering, and integration services to manufacturing, logistics, and aircraft modifications.

For information see www.veracityts.com or www.agcaerospace.com.

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