Unitech Awarded SEA System Contract

Unitech Composites and Structures, Inc. (Unitech), an AGC Aerospace & Defense Company, has been awarded a development contract to reduce the weight and improve the performance of the Survival Egress Air (SEA) System. The company recently completed the Preliminary Design Review – ahead of schedule – and will complete the design later this year.

The SEA System, a safety measure for overwater missions, provides soldiers with a type of pressurized oxygen tank, known as a composite overwrapped pressure vessel or COPV.

“Unitech is honored to work on the design for the next generation SEA system for the Air Warrior Program Office. Reducing weight and increasing breathable air time of the COPV will result in a product which will improve performance of the system for our soldiers,” stated Alan Haase, President of Unitech and the AGC Composites Group. “Nothing is more important to us than delivering a quality product on time.”

The U.S. Army contract to design and deliver an improved COPV for the PEO Soldier Air Warrior product office was awarded to Unitech in early 2010. Unitech, using advanced composite materials design techniques, has been able to reduce the weight of the vessel an estimated 20 percent, while increasing breathable air by approximately 50 percent. This improvement in performance increases the time that the soldier has for surviving emergency situations. The new COPV design is backward compatible, so it can be used with older, currently fielded support systems.

Unitech is a world leader in designing and manufacturing composite structures in the commercial and military aerospace industries. The company maintains continued commitment to innovation, quality, and flexibility towards the requirements of individual airlines and OEMs. Unitech operates within the Composites Group of AGC Aerospace & Defense.

AGC Aerospace & Defense is a leader in supplying technologies, systems and services that support key commercial and military programs. Operating in multiple locations across the globe, capabilities within the AGC Aerospace & Defense portfolio range from financing, engineering, and integration services to manufacturing, logistics, and aircraft modifications.

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