APSE receives the Boeing Performance Excellence Award for Silver Performance in 2017

Boeing: Suppliers lauded for distinguished performance.

Boeing has named its 2017 Supplier of the Year Award winners which recognize companies for the high-quality products, services and value they create for Boeing as well as its commercial airplanes; services; and defense, space and security customers.

APSE is on the listing to receive the Boeing  Performance Excellence Award for Silver Performance in 2017.

The Boeing Performance Excellence Award (BPEA) is an annual program to recognize superior performance as measured in Enterprise Supplier Performance Measurement (ESPM) system. Boeing generally announces BPEA recipients each January. The BPEA program replaced Boeing's Preferred Supplier Certification program. 

BPEA Eligibility Criteria

* Gold or silver composite performance ratings for each month of the BPEA performance period (Oct. 1 to Sept. 30) with no suppressed ESPM data
* Annual contract payment value of at least $100,000
* Minimum of 10 monthly deliveries or a General Performance Assessment rating

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