APSE's kitting services place the right parts in the right mechanic's hands at the right time in the right configuration.  Customers save time and expense with lower administrative costs and reduced inventory.  APSE currently manages more than 300 kit configurations for its customers – and those customers no longer have to worry about when the last item will arrive.

  • Production, MRO, Modifications & Upgrades, Structures, Landing Gears, Engines, Components, More...
  • Multiple Configurations (Tool & Tackle Box, Bag & Crate, Crate)
  • Customizable
  • Small to Large Kits
  • Broad Range of Part Types (Fasteners, Structural Assemblies, Build-to-Print, Seals, Filters, Electronics)
  • Adjust Bill of Materials (BOM) to Fit Current Need

APSE's kitting solution including Bill of Material management or Kitting produces significant operational savings, lower procurement costs, simplified installation processes, and reduced inventory costs. These benefits are recognized and utilized by the largest defense contractors in the world.

APSE can manage bill of materials (BOM) as large as the customer requires. The BOM can be procured and delivered by many different methods as required by individual customer requirements. For example, our contract with Boeing in support of the KC-135 program involves multiple types of kitting. APSE provides point of use kitting services to the PDM line and also provides large structural overhaul kits.